Andrea is the absolute best waxer! I have a home in Florida, but have been a loyal client of hers in LA since 2007. Most painless bikini wax you will ever find. The honey is great and doesn't irritate your skin or cause in-grown hairs. Would highly highly recommend. I first read about her in Allure which is how I found her initially.

Christina R.

Los Angeles, CA
I went to Honey Waxing in east Boca for the first time for an Eyebrow/Lip wax. Andrea did a great job shaping my eyebrows. There was no redness and my skin felt very soft afterwards. The place is very nice, relaxing and comfortable. I will definitely be back!

Nancy M.

Boca Raton, FL
I have been going to Honey Waxing for over 7 years. When Andrea told me she was moving to Florida to start another shop I was heartbroken. I will miss Andrea!! She's so quick, painless and we always seem to laugh about something during my short visits. She is a consummate professional, always on time, maintains an impeccably clean salon while making clients feel relaxed and beautiful. Andrea has a reassuring and kind personality that made my 16 year old feel brave enough to get a waxing too.
All I can say is Boca Raton is lucky to have Honey Waxing!

Ellie L.

My home is in Los Angeles, but I had to go to Florida on business for a few days. Several friends in Boca Raton recommended Andrea at Honey Waxing Florida to tint/shape my eyebrows, tint my eyelashes and also wax under my arms, my legs and bikini area (so I could enjoy some beach time, too). I've been waxing my legs/underarms for over 30 years (I never shave) and Andrea was my best waxing/tinting experience ever. First off, she is kind and thoughtful and very detailed in her work. She doesn't miss anything, and she makes you feel really comfortable when doing waxing in sensitive areas. Next, she made my blond eyelashes darker (without any pain at all like I've experienced previously at other places) so I don't need to put on mascara for awhile. My eyebrows have been thinning a bit as I get older with a couple grey hairs, too. So Andrea tinted them perfectly, and also helped with the shape of them and they now look more youthful -- fuller and polished. I now have the eyebrows I always wished for and I don't need to use eyebrow pencil for about 3-4 weeks. Even my friends told me that Andrea's eyebrow shaping and tinting made me instantly look 5 years younger. Finally, her room is also peaceful, lovely and impeccably clean which I always appreciate. Andrea is simply the best with her skilled and talented beauty work. And I was so delightfully surprised to find out from her that she also has another location for Honey Waxing in Brentwood (Los Angeles) where I will now be going regularly. You'll never want to go to anyone else for tinting and waxing once you have visited Andrea at Honey Waxing.

Sunny J.

Los Angeles, CA

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